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An OB Parade... I mean, Wedding!

In true OB fashion, our first official San Diego wedding required us to march in the annual Holiday Parade... Jamie and John ran in separate circles growing up just blocks away from each other in a tiny San Diego beach town, Ocean Beach (OB)... also our new home-town. YAY! Years later, they finally met face to face, attending the festivities, following the annual OB Holiday Parade. Then, being a bit sentimental, John proposed a few years later in the midst of another magical OB Parade. And in TRUE OB fashion, the eccentric and fabulous couple walked their entire wedding party (guests and photographers included) in the 2016 OB Holiday Parade! We were honored to be just a small part of this legendary wedding day! Photographing a couple's big day from start to finish is always an adventure. It's always a new story. It's always a work out. And it's always an opportunity to try something completely new!

And this wedding was new indeed. We want to thank J+J for trusting us to capture their incredible day. It was our very first SoCal wedding and our very first time doing our job while marching in a parade. I'm going to go ahead and chalk this one up as a total success!

We started the day with a first look at Cabrillo National Monument.

Both bride and groom were looking dapper in their formal, yet beach inspired, attire.

Later in the night (during her dad's speech) we learned that Jamie has always been a bit of wild-card. >>> Glad we were unaware of this tid-bit as she pulled John to the edge!

These intimate first few moments together were the perfect start to a day surrounded by 100+ family and friends.

Jamie and John let the wind blow through their hair while they soaked up a few rays and moments with each other.

(THAT DRESS! Right?)

J+J were naturals in front of the camera, even while perched on the edge of the cliffs.

While their presence and attire have quite the elegant and formal air, I have to mention that they braved the OB holiday traffic via an Uber ride and then bummed a ride from their photographers... #iPhone for the WIN! Nothing says romance like chucking our car seats and Nikon lenses into the (broken) back hatch of our Prius and piling in for a selfie. #thismadeourday

Once we all arrived beach side, J+J's intimate circle of family and friends greeted them under the iconic concrete pier for family photos and a beautiful ceremony.

The simplistic details were breathtaking.

It's amazing how hectic OB was instantly quieted by the peaceful ocean waves and strumming of a guitar.

Who needs a drone, when you have a pier...

The couple was quite literally surrounded by love, friendship and a family of OBeachians.

Their joy was infectious.

As Jamie and John enjoyed a peaceful walk on the beach, they couldn't help but be reminded of the party to come...

Post ceremony, guests prepared for the holiday march at the beach home of a family-friend.

(Umbrella props and mulled cider included!) Once the parade took off it was PARTY TIME. J+J danced and cheered and toasted local passersby and even managed to get their 'wedding cake' noticed by the Times of San Diego outside of the Ocean Beach Hotel!

With one last checkerboardSTUDIOS Cab Ride (free with purchase of full wedding package) out to El Cajon, we all enjoyed Casanova Fish Tacos, The Olive Tree Market, ice cream and Coronado Brewing Company, poolside under the stars.

With plenty of activity, guests could relax playing Mrs. Pacman, pool and darts.

Party People San Diego kept the fun going long into the night.

And then of course there was dancing...


and lots...

... of dancing.

Jamie and John's San Diego Wedding is definitely one for the memory books. We enjoyed every moment and really hope that this was not our last march in a Holiday Parade!

Happy Holidays, OBeachians!

And (as timing would have it) a very Happy Birthday to you, John. ;) Be the GOAT (you know you are).

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