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Remember that time you were a kid and you met an adult who just got it. Remember the first grownup who understood how to play and REALLY enjoy it? The joy of a child is not a feeling that can be imitated. It is not a feeling that can be reproduced. But when you see it, you know. When you feel it, you know. And when you witness an adult with that same joy, you just want to bottle up every moment, every emotion, and keep it for the tough times. Keep it for those days when 'adult-ing' is just too hard. Keep it for the days that are missing the joy.

This local Point Loma family had their 'Baca' visit from Croatia for an entire month.

Mom and Dad had a built in baby-sitter, and 2 year old, Conner, got to spend time with his person, his adult who got it.

An adult that is older than his parents and teachers, but an adult who still shines with joy and wonder.

THAT is a memory worth saving.

Such a happy kid.

Such a happy Baca.

Now go....Get out there and find your joy!

#Baca #family #photography #croatia #mom #dad #two #2yearold #adulting #joy #kid #kids #sandiego #pointloma #california

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