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Bennett Siblings

Meeting Jennifer (mom of these three cuties) a little over one year ago, I had no idea that our lives would run so parallel and that now, one year later, I would feel like we have known each other for ages.

In one year's time we started out as co-workers and quickly became each other's friends, play-dates, confidants, party-planners (for Mama's Night Out, San Diego) and before we knew it, preggo-twinsies.

Jennifer's sweet Ellie Anne and my newest addition, Perry, are a mere 6-weeks apart. As Jennifer announced her pregnancy I was just finding out about mine. And thankfully we did grow so close in one year, because before I knew it I was 9-months pregnant and standing atop her newborn on her king size bed. I am sure that I terrified her adorable kids with my balancing act, while trying to make them laugh at my big belly, for my big camera.

But all that balancing was totally worth it...

There really is nothing sweeter than newborn snuggles...

...unless that newborn is snuggling with her big sister and big brother.

And this big sister is such a natural.

I look forward to many more play dates, party planning, and motherly wisdom shared with Jennifer and her family. Thanks for letting me, and my pregnant belly jump on your bed! I really feel like we can be bffs now!

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