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What is HOME?

Photo by: Terry Deremer

My home state is full of life, full of love, full of disparity, and full of hope.

I have seen so many of you, friends and family, giving back with your hands, with your labor, with your money, with your hard work, with your prayers, with your determination, with your love and with your hope. And I have been asking myself... What can I do, how can I help from 3,000 miles away? What does my home need? With the recent flooding devastation, the answers are endless. But I thought I would start with what I know...

Photo by: Frank Gondolas III @ Mi Cucina de Amor
Photo by: Linnsey Amores @ The Hartford

...A drawing, a sketch, a quick vision of hope.


So many of my fellow West Virginians have lost all of their belongings, their treasures, their homes. And while the repair and the re-building is going to take years, I'm positive the hope and has already begun. The hope is seen in the community, the outstretched hands, the smiles, the hugs, the countless warm meals, the donations, the out pouring of joy and love and peace. West Virginia's endurance and strength is a current stronger than any flood water can match.

I have taken this sketch, this vision of hope, this vision of HOME and am now asking myself how a vision such as this can be made a reality. How can a floor plan, an architecture, become hope? And how can home become a reality for those that have lost everything?

Right now I am still searching. Searching for the best outlet to give a home back to a family. Searching for a way to make this idea bigger. To make it a reality.

What is HOME?

But for now, I simply want to ask you, WEST VIRGINIA, what is home? What makes a place home? And how can we design a structure that feels like home when all is lost?

All my love to WV,

Emma Plagemann

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