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April + Brad Wedding

checkerboardSTUDIOS is entering our third year of business, our second wedding season, and posting our first ever checkerBLOG!

Since it is our very first post we wanted to give a big throwback THANK YOU to our very first wedding clients... April & Brad! Their 2nd anniversary is coming up and we all have a lot to celebrate.

For our first wedding, the Buscher-Spears clan was a dream come true! They had a beautiful ceremony, that not even a short power outage could stop, a spectacular after-party, complete with a cake smash, and a really good looking wedding party to boot! We thank you and your families for trusting us and giving us unlimited artistic freedom. We must also thank you for all that has come our way, directly and indirectly, since you allowed us to capture your big day!

These photos bring back such great memories. There are lot of firsts here, in front of the lens as well as behind it! ENJOY!

#wedding #westvirginia #checkerboard #checkerboardSTUDIOS #photography

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