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checkerboardSTUDIOS is a collaboration of artists, friends, and designers doing just about anything you can imagine. 

Our 'HomeBase' is in San Diego, CA.

In full operation since 2012, our work is fresh, modern and never repeated.   With a background and training in Architecture and Urban Planning, Checkerboard’s Founders, Emma and Geoff, are up for any design challenge.

Our work has ranged from small scale architecture & planning, to graphic design,  political campaigns & advertising, website design, portrait & wedding photography, commissioned art, and beyond.  We have a sustainable approach to each project and are constantly exploring new avenues of design.  We consider our work, play and our play, work.

Simply said: We love what we do!


We are an extremely mobile and virtual office.  We love to meet up face to face for client collaboration and energy, but also have found that the internet makes this world a LOT smaller and a LOT more affordable.   Pulling collaborators and clients from all over the country:  We can do what we do best from just about anywhere.  This flexibility has allowed us to team up with spectacular clients and collaborators in Nashville, TN, Madison, WI, Salt Lake City, UT, Los Angeles, CA and even Canada! 


We have found that each projects’ uniqueness requires individualized research and skills.  With a broad spectrum of collaborators and an attitude of ‘YES’ we are positive that we can make what you do even better.                                           



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